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Keeping track of Passwords

I finally gotten to the point where I have more online accounts than I can remember. So I’ve decided to use gpg to encrypt a list of usernames/passwords, unless this is really insecure. I set the key to expire in a month to force me into changing my passwords withen that time. I may go to a key pair that never expires, but I think a month is a good length of time for a trial run. Now all I need to do is name the file something inconspicuous like “tax_info.txt” or “mypasswds” 😉


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LaTeX update

So far learning LaTeX (I hope I’m formating that right) has been fun. The syntax isn’t that difficult, but it’s going to take some time before I can use formatted text without a refrence in front of me. I was suprised that this tutorial seemed to encourage the use of a GUI LaTeX editor. (or emacs) It’s a very good tutorial. It’s long (hopefully that means it’s thorough), but it’s easy to work through. If you want to learn LaTeX I highly recommend it as your first stop.

August 28, 2006 at 1:48 am

Book Publishers

Around yesterday I decided to email all the some of the publishers of my computer books to see what I could do to get an electronic copy of them. So far, the only thing I’ve gotten back was a vacation auto response, but it’s only been a day or two. Normally I like having a book, but sometimes it’s hard to hold a book in one hand and type with the other. Or if I go on vacation or somewhere else it would be nice to be able to take some books with me without having all the extra weight to carry around.

Have you had any experiences asking this from a book publisher before? I’d love to hear what kind of response you got back.

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I love Wikipedia!

If I’m looking for something spicific on the web usually the first place I look is Wikipedia. Usually I can find exactly what I’m looking for, along with links to sites dealing with the topic. Google’s great, but when I’m looking for spicifics Wikipedia is definantly the way to go.

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Learning LaTeX

I’ve decided that I want to learn some sort of Linux text processing language. I’m really excited! I’ve decided to learn Tex. I couldn’t really find a comparison of TeX markups, but I’ve settled on LaTeX. I’ve read it’s much easier than plain TeX, but I’m still open to recomendations. What version’s of TeX do you recommend?

Has anyone else tried to learn TeX or other typesetting languages?

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Left Panel not as usable

In GNOME I created a second panel to act as a quick launch bar for my frequently used apps. The main bar’s located at the top of the screen and I didn’t want to use the bottom, so only the left and right sides of the screen were left to put the new panel. Most of the time I see extra widgets like my quick launch bar placed on the right side of the screen, so I placed it there first. Then I decided to be different and use the left side of the screen. I noticed I had started to use it less and less, and when it was used it felt very akward. So now it’s back on the right side.

After reading through Designing Interfaces I wonder if the usabillity of the panel is related to english being read from left to right?

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Finally, I have a reason to reinstall Windows!

… and this time I’m happy about it 😉

I managed to finally wipe XP from my hard drive after finding a tool to use my MTP/Play for Sure mp3 player in Linux, only to find out that I’m going to need it back again. I came across this really cool site that had tons of hacks, tweaks and mods for windows. I was especially interested in changing the shell windows uses to something like blackbox, or one of the other shells that exists.

I’m just not looking foward to the 39ish minute install and repairing my boot loader. I guess now is the time to finally read one of those “install windows after Linux” articles on LQ

… and I just found this site

Looks like it’s going to be a busy week 😉

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