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Tweak Windows XP

While cleaning out my bookmarks I came across some neat sites with lots of tweaks for Windows XP. The sites are sort of like the book Windows Annoyances.


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Is Seeing More Spam?

Is it just me, or does more spam blogs seem to be appearing in the tag surfer lately? admins, please fix this.

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Laptop Backlight

I’ve had my HP (dv1331se) laptop for 2-3 years now. So far it’s been a really great desktop replacement, but the LCD backlight decided to kick the bucket.

I messed with the rubber thing that turns off the backlight just hoping that it got caught on something (I even ran the computer without the switch cover on) with no luck. It looks like the backlight bulb (my guess) or the inverter board will have to be replaced. That means paying between $100 and $200 (really rough estimate) for parts, and $150 to take the computer into a shop if I decide not to do the repairs myself… or I could go all out and just replace the entire LCD for $800!

I just hope tracking down parts won’t be very hard since even HP doesn’t seem to sell them.

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What Matters to Me In a Document Format

No matter what happens with OOXML and ODF, the only things that matter to me in a document format are human/machine readability and file size.

The most important part of a document is the text itself.  If the text isn’t recoverable it’s not a document.

As for file size, a document should only have enough information to hold its meta data, describe the text content, and link to or hold embedded objects.

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