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Meet the Inspiration for Xfce

Xfce started out as a clone of CDE. A lot has changed with Xfce over the years, but you can still see the similarities.
Screenshot of CDE Xfce screenshot


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Multiple X sessions

I’ve been playing around with X this week. Xnest was pretty cool, but I can’t do much more than send an Xterm to it. Starting full blown window managers seems to work only half the time, but I’ll get it eventually. I also managed to accidently discover how to start multiple X session. 🙂 All it takes is a simple startx -- :2 You can then switch between the sessions using CTRL+ALT+F7/F8. I had no idea how usefull this would be! I’ve been trying to get the Synaptics touchpad driver to work, but with little success. By using Multiple X sessions I can have all my website’s open and try out my new X settings in the other. This is also good for multiple user logins and remote X sessions.

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I’m registered!

I finally decided to register as a Linux user. I like the fact that I actually decide when and what to register as opposed to that stupid WGA that peeks inside my computer every time I need to do anything with Microsoft. I also registered my computer, which of course has Slackware for it’s distro. 😉 I guess I have to my hostname now 😉

Linux Registration Card

Feel free to register yourself at The Linux Counter

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From wikipedia:

According to Richard Haier, et al. prolonged Tetris activity can also lead to more efficient brain activity. When first playing Tetris, brain function and activity increases, along with greater cerebral energy consumption, measured by glucose metabolic rate. As Tetris players become more proficient, their brains show a reduced consumption of glucose, indicating more efficient brain activity.

That’s awesome! 😛 Maybe I should start playing tetris more often…

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Dragging out my 486

My last post led me to reading about freedos, which then led me to dragging out my very first computer. It was the only 486 left after the merciless scavenging of the other computers that I had to through out. (Man our neighbors must have been freaked out seeing 5 stripped computer cases piled up on the curb. I wished I’d taken some pictures 😉 )

It originally ran at 33MHz (with the turbo button down) and had 8MB RAM with a 270MB-ish hard drive. I thought Windows 3.11 was the coolest thing ever after only seeing ’95 before. After the scavenging it’s been upgraded to 66MHz and a whopping 40MB of RAM! Windows 95 almost runs at a tolerable speed now!

Good days… Good days.

My First Comp (close up) My first Computer

By the way, I didn’t a sepia filter on. It’s just really bad lighting. (Gives a nice effect though 😉 )

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What App Did that Come From?

I found this really cool site that maintains a very large list of know filetypes. It’s nice if you have a file that you can’t remember what program you used to create it with. (For me it was an old .fig file from deskmate) You may even be able to find another program to open it.

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Firefox UI tweaking

My ultimate goal was a keyboard drive UI

I got rid of the refresh button, because I really don’t need it. A page can be refreshed easy enough with F5 or CTRL+R. I also removed the search bar because I prefer to use the quick search bookmarks that come with a default installation of firefox. I never used the home button, plus there’s a shortcut key for it. (alt + home) I decided to keep the next and previous buttons even though they have shortcut keys. Sometimes I find myself needing the menu that drops down from them. I recently found the shortcut for the stop button, (esc) so I’m still kicking around if I want to keep it or not. The go button has been replaced with the progress indicator. The interface is beginning to look pretty bare. 😛

My biggest problem is contolling focus and navigating through links. Some sites don’t make proper use of tabindex so I can’t completely “say good-bye to the rodent.”

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