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SINP bug recently add gpg signatures to all the slackbuild tarballs. I tried to use SINP today and the new changes broke SINP. The problem stems from the pattern matching SINP uses to locate the SlackBuild tarball. Now SINP will always find two matches for every SlackBuild (the tarball and the asc file) and refuse to do anything. You get an error message like “can’t [blah] more than 1 match found”

The problem is fixed in SVN and I highly suggest anyone who uses SINP (all 6 of you 😉 ) download SINP from there.


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Why the Page Gets Cut Off

I finally got a hint as to why a lot of Linux apps (mainly Firefox) are over printing the page. I’d set the paper size to letter (8.5″ X 11″)  but still some of the pages of text would get cut off from the top and bottom. (not fun if you’re trying to debug code) I looked at Firefox’s print settings today and the margins were set to .4″ all the way around! Still, I wonder why the page isn’t being printed within those margins instead of being cut off. KDE apps (Not sure about GNOME) don’t seem to have this problem. Guess I got some cups settings to tweak.

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Giving Up Using SlackBuild Template

As nice as it was, it was just too much work too keep up a working template for my SlackBuilds. Every package really does need to be looked at individually. Using a template also promoted sloppiness on my part, and I always felt like the SlackBuild was cluttered if I did more than just replace a few values.

I may still use a template for the first part of the SlackBuilds. Usually everything up to the compile stage stays the same.

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The Ubuntu Logo

I finally figured out why the Ubuntu logo is a weird circle thing today. It all comes down to the image that scared me away from Ubuntu to begin with. (and is to this day why I never plan to install regular Ubuntu)


Interesting … :/

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fdupes Tutorial

fdupes seems to have done the job of getting rid of the horrible duplicate mess I’ve managed to get myself into, but glancing through the duplicates list I may have rendered some configuration settings (like the ones in ~/.mozilla) unusable. That’s not a real big problem though since I planned to start those over mostly from scratch anyway.

The only real problems I have with fdupes is that it doesn’t detect whole directory trees (which might have made the job of removing the files a little quicker) so there are a couple of empty directories floating around. I also wished it had an option to be more verbose and print the MD5SUM along with the results. (just to releive a little bit of paranoia)

To use start the removal process run fdupes with the -r option. (fdupes -r $somedir) This will write the list of duplicate files to the console which is probably not what you want. I like using a pipe to tee so I can see the progress and have a list of files made. (fdupes -r $somedir | tee $filelist)

The results will have all duplicates separated in groups of the same file, with groups separated by a blank line.

Now to make a list of files to remove run fdupes -rf $somedir | tee $filelist-omit-first. The added -f flag will tell fdupes to omit the first match from the output. (this should leave one copy of a file in a group of duplicates so at least 1 copy will be preserved)

Use your favorite diff program (I recommend vimdiff) to compare the first file list you made to the second as a precaution against deleting something you don’t want. Once that’s all done it should be safe to remove all the files in the second file list (the one made from fdupes -rf)

Do some last bit cleanup on the file list by sorting, eliminating matching lines, and blank lines. (sort $filelist-from-rf | uniq | grep -v '^$' > $removelist)

finally you are ready to remove the duplicates. (while read file; do rm -v "$file"; done )

Good-bye duplicates!

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The Hunt for Duplicates Continues

A while back I wrote about having to sort through several backup DVD’s to find a ton of duplicate files. I decided to give fdupes a try. fdupes uses a combination of file size, md5 hash, and bit by bit comparison, so it should be fairly safe to trust that the results are exact duplicates. (I will double check the first couple just to make sure)

I moved the data over from 9 DVD’s (but there’s more 🙄 ) to an external hard drive and sent fdupes off to do its work. It seems to be fairly fast. It compared about 141,000 files with sizes between 0 bits to over a GB in about an hour and a half. Now I need to find out how to pass the results to rm leaving only 1 copy. (I think fdupes has an option for this)

I’ll try to post a tutorial if I get everything working ok. I’ll try running it with a couple of different options and run diff on the outputs to see if running with omit first (-f) will preserve only 1 file.

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How Will Vista Make My Life Easier?

Overall I’ve not been very impressed with Vista from some of the betas I’ve tried and the reports on the “new” (as much as I dislike Apple, I have to give them credit for improving Windows over the years) features in Vista. The two questions that need to be answered before I even think about buying a copy of it is how will Vista make my life easier, and is it worth the cost.

I was quite happy to open up my copy of the Exploring Windows newsletter to find the answer straight from the horses mouth.

The first item that they say will make my life easier is Windows Easy Transfer. It looks like an improved version of the file and settings transfer wizard. The improvements look great, but how often am I going to transfer my settings to a new computer?

The next life changing feature is the Aero interface and Window Flip 3D. It looks pretty, but the only windows that I typically have trouble switching between are web pages, (which tabs make virtually obsolete) folders, and Word docs. It’s a nice feature but I could live without it.

Next is Windows Photo Gallery. I don’t collect photos usually.

IE7, lets just say I haven’ t bothered to reinstall it after a clean install.

The final reason I should switch, Windows Sidebar. Sorry, it doesn’t make my life easier.

So do I think these features are so life changing I need to switch? No, I think I’ll stick with XP for the moment.

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