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Get Enviorment Variables with Java

I’m getting back into programming in Java, and I found something really cool today. I know a lot of you probably already know this (forgive me I’m fairly new at Java and programming in general), but to get enviorment variables (like $PATH) just use System.out.getenv(String var).

Just goes to show there’s tons of good stuff in the API. 😉


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First Screenshot

Nothing really exciting going on, just playing SMW on gxine and checking something out of SVN. The icons are Dropline Nuovo, the window border is OpusOS with the default Xfce 4.2 gtk theme, and the WM is Xfce 4.2.

First screenshot

The wallpaper comes from I haven’t gotten around to redownloading my other wallpapers 😛

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Podcatcher updated

Since didn’t seem to like my code very much (which I hope isn’t a reflection of my skill 😉 ) and kept cutting some of it off.

The complete script can now be found here. Enjoy 🙂

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I’ve heard about this app for a while, but it looked like it was more tailored to Japanese than to English which scared me off for a while. So far I like it. The icons are a little ugly, and toolbars and such aren’t as easy to tweak as Firefox, but I think a editing userChrome should work. Bookmark keywords don’t seem to work, which means no quick searches from the address bar. I also don’t immediatly see a way to add search engines to the google search bar too, but I can live with that. I love the fact that keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures are easy to configure which will be great if I every get around to learning ratpoison. 😛

All in all it looks very promising with a bit of tweaking, and it’s WAY lighter than Firefox with almost as many features.  (especially saving and restoring sessions) I think I may have finally found a decent firefox replacement!

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