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Mega Man X

I think Mega Man X remains my favorite video game of all time.

It was one of the first video games I bought, (if not the first) and I still remember the day I bought it. I was about 7 and payed $20 for it at Walmart. I was so mad it cost that much, because up until then most Super Nintendo games ran about $15. (Now I’m ecstatic if I can get a game for $30!) It was also before they started locking up their video games.

It was years before I could beat the first level, (With loooong breaks in between) and years before I could beat all the bosses before Sigma’s levels, and longer to get all the upgrades. I had no idea how to save the passwords. (I kept trying to keep track of the Mettaurs that would pop up.) The chameleon was the easiest boss to get to, but the most difficult to beat. (The armadillo comes in a close second) I remember the accomplishment I felt beating my first boss. (Chill Penguin) The spider boss was also insanely hard. I now am at least decent at the game, but I still can’t beat Sigma’s final form. (Yes, I am the most awesome gamer ever! 😉 )

I’m glad Capcom released an anniversary collection. Now I can play all the Mega Man X games I never had a chance to buy, and be entertained for decades to come.


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