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CLI for 30: Day 3

Well, it’s day 3 without X and there’s a few things I miss. I gotten better at surfing the web with links (it’s much easier if you use space instead of the arrow keys.) So far I’ve had the need to switch between links and elinks in order to get some pages to work right. w3m is another console web browser that I may have to try. Last time I checked it was supposed to be the most advanced of the console browsers.

One web site that refuses to work is the one for my ISP. It uses a lot of javascript even for simple stuff that shouldn’t need it. (like page redirection) The only way I can use the site is by using google to load a spacific page. This of course means that webmail doesn’t work very well, so I figured it was time to configure getmail.

getmail is supposed to be more secure than fetchmail (how I’m not exactly sure) but it achieves the same overall result. The main difference between the two is that getmail doesn’t need a mail delivery program (like sendmail) to work. The getmail configuration file, at least for me, seems much easier to configure and is easier to understand.

Once getmail was configured to dump mail into the local mail spool all I had to do was fire up mutt and all my email was magically there. Mutt looks more complicated than pine, or elm, but I think it will be more flexible in the long run.


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CLI For 30: Day 2

Today I’ve been playing with screen. It’s great!

The thing that probably scared me from using it before was having different windows “lock up” on me irrecoverable (or so I thought) at random intervals. I’d wind up having to kill screen and starting over. As it turns out I’ve been pressing C-a ^S accidently which turns flow control off (xoff). Pressing C-a ^Q fixes the problem.

My only real problem with screen (now that I found why it was getting locked up) is being able to have verticle splits so I can have centericq and weechat open in the same row. There is a patch to enable this, but I’m not quite ready to recompile a working package for only a minor complaint.

Oh, just a word of warning… detached screen sessions don’t stay after restarting. I figured this would be the case, but it was worth a shot.

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CLI for 30: Day 1

Fist off, I would like to say that I dislike having to surf the web on the command line. Mostly because of the small screen space. With the framebuffer enabled it’s not so bad, but I still am not real found of it.

My history teacher decided to have us look up propaganda posters for a project we’re doing. At first I wondered how I was going to do this since I’ve had trouble getting links working in graphics mode outside of X. I first tried links -g but got a permission error. I tried changing -driver to fb and everything worked ok. (the command I used was links -g fb) Google image search worked well enough to use and it wasn’t long before I found an interesting poster of Donald Duck throughing a tomato in Der Furher’s Face.

I’d been trying out weechat and centericq since yesterday. I think weechat has perminantly replaced Gaim/Pidgin for my chat client of choice, and centericq is close to replacing Gaim for AOL stuff.

Centericq is really fun to use. The sound effects are just noisy enough without being annoying or boring. The one thing I miss in centericq is being able to group buddies by catagory. I may not have found this option yet though.

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Playlists in ogg123 adn mpg321

Believe it or not both ogg123 and mpg321 can handle playlists. Unfortunatly they can only handle a simple list of files to play and not a simple m3u playlist.

To open up a playlist just type ogg123 -@ playlist_file

Just goes to show what’s in those great things called man pages 😉

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Command Line for 30 days

After seeing someone try out Windows Vista for 30 days I think I’ll try to use only console apps for 30 days.

I’ll get most of the preparation out of the way today, and then tomorrow… it’s bye-bye X11!

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Google and Your Website

While looking for PHP/Apache mod_rewite help (well, more for rewriting without mod_rewrite) I stumbled upon a google resource page for webmasters. It has some really interesting FAQs on it, like can google index dynamic pages, and how do google robots update a page, and other things you should know about getting your web pages to work with google’s search database.

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Jamendo: Creative Commons Music

I first read about this on

My only real gripe with the service is the naming conventions. Never have I seen such long folder names and \’s in the file names! I really wish they’d leave the spaces out. They’re horrible to have to type out.

Fin de cavale by Trafic de Blues, (who knew they had blues in France!) and CIA by 7ZBH which is kind of Celtic guitar instrumental.

I also found the coolest (read: geekyist) album ever! It’s called #!/bin/bash. The title of every song is a line of a bash script to encode all the *.wav files to ogg. 😉

If you’re looking for a place to dowload LEGAL free music head on over to Jamendo.

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