Making Progress with a 2.6 Kernel

August 21, 2006 at 8:01 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been doing some research on kernel. I found two site that helped a great deal with about half of the kernel options. Most of them I had no idea what to select, but the two sites did a good job of explaining what an option does, and why you would or would not want to include it. The major sections I’m still missing are drivers, and networking.

I didn’t know whether pentium M processors had smp/hyperthreading the Ubuntu forum helped not only give me the answer, but it described what would happen if I did include it. The pentium M article was also helpful with this. but YAST’s hardware tool made the most impact. In the list of hardware there a section called “Has SMP” and sure enough it had the value “no”

Hopefully by the time Slackware 11 is officially released I’ll be ready to build my kernel and start Slacking again 😀

Of course there is the problem of the many GNOME dependancies my a lot of my favorite apps have… Maybe I’ll try Freerock or GWare. Anything but Dropline *shivers* Dropline replaces too many system packages for me to be comfortable.

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PenguinTV Finally, I have a reason to reinstall Windows!

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