CLI for 30: Day 3

May 31, 2007 at 9:17 pm Leave a comment

Well, it’s day 3 without X and there’s a few things I miss. I gotten better at surfing the web with links (it’s much easier if you use space instead of the arrow keys.) So far I’ve had the need to switch between links and elinks in order to get some pages to work right. w3m is another console web browser that I may have to try. Last time I checked it was supposed to be the most advanced of the console browsers.

One web site that refuses to work is the one for my ISP. It uses a lot of javascript even for simple stuff that shouldn’t need it. (like page redirection) The only way I can use the site is by using google to load a spacific page. This of course means that webmail doesn’t work very well, so I figured it was time to configure getmail.

getmail is supposed to be more secure than fetchmail (how I’m not exactly sure) but it achieves the same overall result. The main difference between the two is that getmail doesn’t need a mail delivery program (like sendmail) to work. The getmail configuration file, at least for me, seems much easier to configure and is easier to understand.

Once getmail was configured to dump mail into the local mail spool all I had to do was fire up mutt and all my email was magically there. Mutt looks more complicated than pine, or elm, but I think it will be more flexible in the long run.

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