CLI for 30: Day 6

June 3, 2007 at 9:17 pm Leave a comment

Ok, I think CLI web browsing is finally starting to grow on me. I noticed that elinks (not sure about links) has numbers listed next to hyperlinks. These numbers act as a unique identify that you can type to t
ell elinks to give that link/button focus and press enter. No more having to scroll through a million links just to get to the one I want.

I found that Jamendo works well enough with elinks to redownload some music that’s in need of reorganizing. Before I had my music with albums stored in a SVN repository. The only real reason I wanted them under version control was for keeping track of origional file names and tags. I also wanted to add some sort of write protection on them just in case some crazy audio player decides to modify the tags without my consent.

After a while of this I found out that SVN doesn’t really handle large numbers of large files very well. For one thing, you wind up using three times the hard disk space. You have the actual files in the repository, a local repo copy (all the .svn/’s), and the actual files when they are checked out. It also takes a really long time to check out the music. This didn’t seem very economical for something that I only care about an origional and a final state.

My new way of solving this problem is to get a dump of the current and origional tags and place them in text files in a tags/ and tags.orig directory. I’ve also decided that I really don’t care what the origional names were since the old and new names should be similar. For the write protection I decided to put the albums in tarballs and untar a copy of the files whenever I want them.

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