CLI for 30: Day 5

June 2, 2007 at 8:05 pm Leave a comment

Most of today was spent messing around with cron. I had no idea that a command run from cron will send its output to your local email account (/var/spool/mail/$USER) if the output isn’t redirected to anything. This can be annoying sometimes, especially when I want to send a text reminder to the terminal. I guess I’ll have to check how to do that later, since bash natively handles “you got mail” mail warnings.

Anyhoo, I now have getmail checking my email every 10 minutes. I also learned bash will check my mail spool in /var/spool/mail every $MAILCHECK seconds and print a message if there is.

I’ve also been trying to reorganize my user account. My biggest gripe with my current account is that there’s a lot of stuff under version control that doesn’t belong. That, and there are some programs that change configuration files even if I don’t change any settings. Take firefox for example. Just opening up the program changes my bookmarks file. GXine also will change the audio
settings settings if I don’t stop the movie before exiting. What’s the point of having a config file if you’re just going to overwrite it?

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