Spring Cleaning

March 6, 2007 at 1:32 am Leave a comment

It’s really more of a coincidence than anything, but I’ve started my spring cleaning. I started out by finally getting rid of those horrible, horrible duplicates on my backups, and getting a proper backup system in place using Subversion and rsync to an external HD. Then I moved to the large stack of papers I’d stuffed in a drawer to keep out of sight. It was full of notes I’d made to myself going back 3 years, websites I never visited again, program ideas, and some really nice UI designs that I made. Some of the program ideas were for stuff I’d lost interest in making (like Spanish flash cards 😛 ) so I threw them out. I might post the UI designs though.

I also found my profile from the last time I used Thunderbird. At the time I didn’t know that the mail had to be compacted to perminantly delete messages (so I think I still have every message I ever sent to me), so I think I’ll reset all the mail and dig up any account activation emails.

Resetting the mail was pretty easy. Just run a simple sed ‘s/0008/0001’ on the mail file and all the mail is undeleted. The sed script should replace the X-Mozilla-Status flag in each message (0008 is deleted, 0001 is marked as read)  – more mozilla headers

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