How Will Vista Make My Life Easier?

February 16, 2007 at 12:14 am 2 comments

Overall I’ve not been very impressed with Vista from some of the betas I’ve tried and the reports on the “new” (as much as I dislike Apple, I have to give them credit for improving Windows over the years) features in Vista. The two questions that need to be answered before I even think about buying a copy of it is how will Vista make my life easier, and is it worth the cost.

I was quite happy to open up my copy of the Exploring Windows newsletter to find the answer straight from the horses mouth.

The first item that they say will make my life easier is Windows Easy Transfer. It looks like an improved version of the file and settings transfer wizard. The improvements look great, but how often am I going to transfer my settings to a new computer?

The next life changing feature is the Aero interface and Window Flip 3D. It looks pretty, but the only windows that I typically have trouble switching between are web pages, (which tabs make virtually obsolete) folders, and Word docs. It’s a nice feature but I could live without it.

Next is Windows Photo Gallery. I don’t collect photos usually.

IE7, lets just say I haven’ t bothered to reinstall it after a clean install.

The final reason I should switch, Windows Sidebar. Sorry, it doesn’t make my life easier.

So do I think these features are so life changing I need to switch? No, I think I’ll stick with XP for the moment.

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  • 1. astrozoom  |  February 16, 2007 at 10:36 am

    I dont agree wih you. I did not install vista yet, bu i see it on a machine, and i see best windows ever made.

  • 2. Michiel  |  February 16, 2007 at 11:18 am

    considering that Vista allows only a couple of times to be reinstalled (2 times iirc, regardless if you have a legit version), I guess that you won’t need that very much. 🙂

    And more and more I wonder why people (in general) seem to follow the follow equation: “shiny click-and-drool-interface” == “good operating system”

    Then again I may be biased 😉


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