Home grown ACPI Scripts

February 1, 2007 at 12:57 am Leave a comment

I never thought I’d be this obsessive about getting this part of Linux working the way I want. 😉

My ultimate goal is to create a nicely configured ACPI system for Slackware. I want this system to be easy to customize/modify, modular, and Distribution nutrallity would be nice too. When the projects matured a little, I want to start a wiki where users can post their templates and customizations to the ACPI system so you are not locked into using just the defaults. I also want to write a nice little ncuses bash (maybe GTK2 eventually) GUI for turning power features on/off and for manipulating the power scripts kind of like the Windows power manager or KDE/GNOME equivalents.

Today I made my first attempt at creating a screenblank script from scratch for the lid. It works, but only if I have an Xterm open for some weird reason. I get a permission denied error if I don’t. I tried the script with other apps open (XFFM) with no success. Only Xterm seemed to make the script work. My guess is that this may have something to do with how I search for the .Xauthority, but I’m really no expert on X11 files. (which I probably should be for this project)


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