Xubuntu/Slackware ACPI: part 1

January 17, 2007 at 3:00 am Leave a comment

acpid is the daemon that watches for ACPI events. When an event happens acpid looks in /etc/acpi/events and parses all the files in that directory and runs any that have a matching event= line. The first difference between Slackware and Xubuntu is that Slackware runs the same script for every ACPI event. (/etc/acpi/acpi_handler.sh) Xubuntu has several different files in /etc/acpi/events which run many different scripts in /etc/acpi.

I’m not sure if using acpi_handler.sh is the “Slackware” way, or if it’s just what acpid comes with. Using multiple files looks like it might be easier to tweak/maintain, but acpi_handler.sh does have its charm…

Now that I know what to look for it’s just a matter of matching and tweaking.

* oh, Debian’s (and therefore Xubuntu’s) acpid is supposed to be slightly different, but I don’t think that will cause me much trouble right now

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Xubuntu ACPI I hate OpenOffice.org

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