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I finally decided to install Xubuntu. I didn’t install it to “try Ubuntu,” but I wanted to do some “config scraping.” To be more spacific I wanted to see how the Xubuntu people had ACPI configured. (which is quite nice)

Here’s my impression of Xubuntu so far.

The first thing I noticed was the install CD for Xubuntu 6.10 did not have a graphical installer. This wasn’t a problem, I just figured that “Linux for human beings” would have one. This might be because I used the alternate install CD instead of the desktop one. The install process was one big wizard instead of the menu text installers that I’m used to. Another thing I found weird was that all the hardware configuration was done at the beginning of the install. I was prompted for my WEP key before the hard drive was even partitioned! Another thing I thought was neat was that the boot loader configuration recognized my other partitions as “Slackware 11,” not Linux, or even Slackware, but Slackware 11! There was also no package selection during the install process. I guess everything is installed by default. That’s nice, I guess.

Anyway, it’s an interesting distro with enough balance between geekyness (I can edit config files, YAY!) and ease of use to keep me content, but I still love Slackware the best. 😉

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A New Use For SINP Xubuntu ACPI

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