Beagle Blues

December 3, 2006 at 11:48 pm Leave a comment

I’ve spent all day trying to compile Beagle. I managed to get a SlackBuild file made for Mono, but GTK-Sharp doesn’t want to compile without GNOME-VFS. I’d build GNOME-VFS, but it adds a long list of dependencies that already borders on irritating to compile. (At least they’re well documented) I’ll probably need a bunch of GNOME dependacies when I compile PenguinTV and other apps anyway, so I guess it would be wisest to compile them now, but man is that a lot of packages to make!

I guess the good news is that once I get the GNOME libs and MPlayer deps out of the way there won’t be too many more dependencies I’ll need for most apps on the internet. Also, by the time I manage to get all these packages/SlackBuilds made Xfce 4.4 will be stable 😀

…and just ’cause I think there cool, here’s some videos of Beagle in action.

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