Subversioning my $HOME

October 17, 2006 at 11:32 pm Leave a comment

I’m currently having the pain of going through several backup CD’s (half not labeled) and restoring them. The CD’s are not part of a regular backup schedule, so I have tons of repeated data that I have to sort through (on top of data I’ve duplicated myself because of so many remakes of projects)

I’m trying to work out a system so this will not happen again. I’ve decided to use subversion as part of my new backup routine.Using subersion will allow me to easily compare future backups I make easily by comparing the revisions. As an added bonus all I will really have to backup is the repository directory itself instead of picking and choosing the stuff from $HOME I want to backup. Also I can roll back a program’s settings if I want to. (after I broke them probably;) )

I plan on storing the repository itself on some place on the hard drive, and then using my home directory for the checkout location. Every night any new files not under version control will get added to the repo, and then a commit/update will occure using cron. Each commit will have the date/time added to the description of the commit.

Some things I still have to work out are:

  • security/privacy of $HOME
  • will permissions stay the same
  • script to make the commit (should it be made by root or the user)
  • where to store the repository

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