IceWeasle and TeX

October 13, 2006 at 12:16 am Leave a comment

I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about iceweasle by now, but I’m going to post anyway.

First off, I think it’s a rediculous thing to be upset about. Mozilla just wants to ensure that anything with the Firefox name and logo is not going to crash every time someone opens it. Something like this already exists peacefully in the open source world. In order to use the TeX name the program has to pase a series of tests. Why the complaint about Mozilla and not TeX?

I’m not sure if the infamous patches were just bug fixes (or small things like that) or adding features to Firefox. If it was little things, then what was the big deal about submitting patches. It doesn’t make sense to whine about Firefox not being “free” and slander Mozilla (Things may appear worse than they are from media overhype) over something so stupid. If Debian was actually extending Firefox, then it wouldn’t make sense to call the app Firefox in the first place.

IceWeasle now appears to be a complete fork of Firefox code making it a completely different application. This is what makes open source great. If you want to change something you can go right ahead and do it, but don’t get mad at the parent code makers just because it doesn’t want to let you call your modified program by its name.

I think someone should release a distribution with a broken init and see if Debian lets that person use its name and logo.

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